Approved Systems - Alkor membranes

alkorAlkor single ply membranes

Suitable for new build and refurbishment, RENOLIT ALKORPLAN is a thermoplastic membrane based on monomeric PVC-P. RENOLIT ALKORPLAN, although traditionally installed on flat roofs, is now commonplace on pitched and barrel vaulted roofs due to its flexibility and aesthetic qualities.

ALKORPLAN membranes have several advantages :

  • Cost-effectiveness
    • economies on the installation costs: one single 30m² roll replaces 6 bituminous rolls in a 2 layer system.
    • economies on the structure costs: the waterproofing is 5 times lighter than the traditional multilayer systems.
    • economies on the maintenance costs: generally limited to bi-annual inspections.
  • Fire Safety:
    • up to FAB* (BBA approval 96/3307/c)
    • external fire up BROOF(T4)* (ENV1187/4)
  • Aesthetic: adaptable to most roof substrates, broad colour range and integrity of the seams .
  • Reliability: vapour permeability, flexibility, static and dynamic perforation resistance.
  • Durability: life expectancy assessed by the BBA (British Board of Agreement) as in excess of 30 years.